Your Company Profile

Now that you’re connected to your Company, you can check out all the cool things they’re doing. The best place to start is your Company profile. You will be taken to this as the default home page and can navigate to it from the Benojo home page, or the My giving dropdown menu under My company.

At the top, you’ll see a Contribution dashboard (if your company choose to make it public) which rolls up all the good your company and employees have achieved….donations, number of volunteers and how many volunteering hours have been contributed.

On the left, you'll see a range of buttons that enable you to Set up Payroll giving, Request a donation match or Apply for a grant (based on what your company offers).  There's also a More campaigns for you button that enables you to browse more widely for things you may be more personally interested in giving to.

You can also see information about your Company from a giving perspective, including the company-selected areas of interest, and web links...just like your own profile. Plus, you can view all Company current - and previous - campaigns. This is a great place to come to see what your company have on offer for you to get involved with. Company campaigns also always display first on your Get Involved page.

If your company has multiple offices on Benojo, your company profile page will show only what your office is doing. Traveling to another office and want to see what good you could do whilst there? Or want to see everything your whole company has available? Simply select a different office - or All - from the other drop down menu on the right-hand-side of the Your Company page, under Office.

Set yourself up in the wrong office or maybe you’re moving to another one? No problem, just select Edit Office from the dropdown menu, select the correct location, and you’re now associated to the place you want to be at.

Leaving your company? Go into your Settings area and click on the Company tab and then click leave. All your personal profile information and giving details will remain in tact, you will simply no longer be associated to, included in or have visibility to your old Company's giving activities. The Company can also remove you from their end too, if you forget.