Q: What's an authority to fundraise ?

A: When you raise funds on behalf of a charity, you may be required to produce an authority to fundraise letter. This is simply a letter from the cause or charity for whom you are raising funds, on their official letterhead, authorising you to collect donations on their behalf. Most causes are familiar with issuing these and they can be obtained simply by contacting the cause you wish to benefit.

The written authorisation should include the following information: 

Include the name of the person or organisation authorised to fundraise 
Include the terms and conditions under which the authorisation is granted
Describe the appeal or appeals to be undertaken.
Indicate the specific period for which the authorisation will apply, including issue and expiry dates.
Be signed and dated by an authorised delegate from the cause.

If applicable, it should also detail any relevant conditions which apply, such as wearing of ID badges, issuing of receipts, use of the charities logo or signage, etc.