Q: What is the 'Support Benojo' option on donations, and does it affect the donation amount a Cause receives?

A: Similar to other platforms in the giving space, when you donate to a fundraising Campaign on Benojo, you are offered the option of adding a $1, $2 or $5 'tip' to your donation....or nothing at all. The default amount is $2 but this can be changed to whichever option you wish.

Should you choose to add a small amount to your donation, this 'tip' goes to Benojo to help cover our hosting costs, ensuring Benojo remains free of charge for charities and causes. And that's one of our most important beliefs - that charities shouldn't have to pay to ask for - or manage - what they need.

What does it look like? It looks like this:

We've made sure that if someone chooses to make a small donation to Benojo, it won't affect what the Cause receives*.

In fact, in many cases it will mean they get a little MORE. How? (And this is the science part). Because we assume Stripe - our credit card processing gateway - charges Causes Stripe's standard 1.75% + 30c processing fee. However, Causes can reduce their Stripe rate to 1.4% by emailing them proof of their Cause status, but we still process the payment as if they were charged 1.75% by Stripe...meaning they actually receive more $$!

*There is one exception - and it's tiny but we are all about transparency and openness: if a donor pays using an international credit card, the Stripe rate is 2.9% + 30c. This is still calculated as if 1.75%. How big an impact does this have on what the Cause receives? Teeny tiny - if you made a huge credit card donation of say $25,000 and the maximum option of $5 was tipped, the amount the Cause would receive would be 6c less than if the tip was not added. When compared to Stripe's 2.9% fee - which takes $580 of that donation in processing costs (still the lowest rate around for international cards) - we hope you can accept that 6c reduction in what is received in those instances for now, to help us in continuing to keep Benojo free for Charities and Causes.