Find volunteering opportunities

So you want to Volunteer? Awesome. There are several ways to search for volunteering opportunities but the easiest is to first ensure you've filled out your preferences in your profile so opportunities can be curated for you...why go looking when they can come to you?!

So let's just go back a couple of steps to ensure you've done that first:

  • On your very first visit to Benojo, you’ll be directed to set your Intentions for 2019: this quick 2-screen Q&A allows you to set some initial giving goals for your year ahead and also importantly helps customise your homepage. You can change these goals at any time by clicking the cog next to your 2019 Goals display on your homepage, or from your personal Profile page.

  • All done? Great. To further customise your homepage to show the things that matter to you, head to your dropdown menu and Settings – Profile to flesh out your profile, including connecting to causes you’re interested in. This will further help refine campaigns displayed on your homepage. Don’t forget to Save!

Now you're customised.

  • Head back to the homepage (the Benojo logo top left always takes you there) and you’ll see campaigns are now grouped into categories. First you'll see Give to your causes - showing campaigns from causes you’ve connected to in your profile, then Explore areas you care about - featuring campaigns from your selected Areas of Interest - What’s Hot for popular campaigns, and What’s new for recently published ones. You can tell what the campaign is asking for by the small symbol next to the campaign's Target…a clock representing time denotes a volunteering campaign, a ticket is an event, and a dollar sign is looking for donations

  • Want to see more campaigns? Scroll to the base of the page or your menu and click Browse by area to view campaigns by Area of Interest. Here you can also filter by type of contribution (i.e. donation, volunteering, events), and also by Causes helping in those areas.

  • You can also search for campaigns by keyword using the search box, i.e. by searching ‘volunteer’ but note this will only show you campaigns where the requesting charity has used the term 'volunteering' in the campaign.
  • Still haven’t found anything that suits? You can contact any charity you are interested in, using the Contact button on their profile page and ask about their current opportunities.

  • Sourced and completed your own volunteering? Great – record it on Benojo so you can manage all of our giving activities in one place. Simply select Contributions from the menu, Record offline contribution and complete the details of what you did. If the Cause you want to support is not on Benojo yet, use the Suggest a cause form to have them added…it’s always free for charities to join and use Benojo.