Employee signing up

Once your Company has been created, there are three ways you can come onboard with Benojo as an Employee: Organic self-sign-up, Pre-loading, or Single Sign-On (SSO). The method your Company chooses will determine how you first login.

For organic self-sign-up:

If you and your staff are signing yourselves up, follow these instructions: 

  • First time to Benojo? Head to https://hub.benojo.com/register, and Sign up as a user, and register using your company email address (N.B. don’t take the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option). By using your Company email address, you will automatically be added to your company on Benojo. If your Company has a hierarchical multi-office set-up on Benojo, you’ll also be asked to select which office you belong to.   We'll send an email authentication link to your inbox – click it to confirm your email address and to give you access to all Benojo features.
  • Returning user? Welcome back - go to https://hub.benojo.com/login and Sign in... again we don't recommend using Sign in with Facebook when using Benojo as a Company or Employee, as most people register for Facebook with their personal email address.
  • Didn’t signup using your company email? Head to Settings - Company from your hamburger bar, find your Company from the list, add your employment start date, and Request to join your company. Once approved by your Company Benojo admin, you'll have access to Company campaigns and features.

For pre-loaded users:

If we preloaded your users (including you!), follow these instructions:

  • Head to https://hub.benojo.com/login and Sign in using your company email address and default password benojo123 (N.B. don’t use ‘Sign in with Facebook’)
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and then you’ll be prompted to create a new password.

For Single Sign-On (SSO) users:

If your Company uses SSO, you'll have a bespoke URL to access Benojo. Check with your Company administrator if you're unsure what this is...it usually takes the format https://companyname.benojo.com

  • Click the Log in / Sign up button 
  • Log in using your SSO email address and password
  • Agree to the Terms of service, and you're all set

Visit the employee getting started guide for next steps