Employee getting started

Get Set-Up

  • On your first visit to Benojo, once connected to your company and finishing the setup steps, you'll be directed to your Company profile where you can see all of the ways to give through your company.
  • The My giving  drop-down menu gives you access to all your giving options. Select Settings to complete your personal details on the General and Profile tabs. Completing these will further affect the options and campaigns you see on your homepage so resist the urge to skip this step!
  • Also from the Settings tabs:
    • Account: Link to your Facebook account, and change your password.
    • Company: Using Benojo for work: Join or Leave your Company's giving program here
    • Payroll giving: If your Company runs a Payroll giving program, find out more and join here
    • Recurring payments: Have regular giving set up via a credit or debit card? Make changes here.
    • Intentions: Set or amend your giving goals for the year ahead.