Donation Matching for Employees

If your Company offers Donation Matching as part of its giving program, they can manage this using the Benojo platform. Benojo enables your Company to match an employee's donation, up to both individual and company annual limits. 

There are three key ways in which your donations can be matched on Benojo, depending on your Company's program:

  1. Donation & Fundraising Campaign Donation Matching: For donation and fundraising Campaigns hosted on Benojo, you simply check the box on the Campaign's donation page to confirm you'd like your donation matched by your Company    
  2.  Payroll Giving Donation Matching: Again just check the matching box when setting up your Payroll giving donation/s, and monthly pledges will be matched
  3. Offline Donation Matching: For Donations made outside of the Benojo platform, you can upload your receipt via Benojo and submit it to your Company Admin for manual matching. 

1. Donation & Fundraising Campaign Donation Matching

As an employee, you don't need to set up Donation matching - it's enabled by your Company administrator. Once enabled, when a signed-in employee makes a donation, you're asked if you'd like the company to match it, and shown available limits.

Your Company may match donations to any charity, or only to those known as 'Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR)', which means the charity and thus donation is eligible for tax deductibility. You will only see the option to donation match when making a donation to an eligible charity.

In order for the Benojo platform to offer you Company Donation Matching, it needs to know you are an employee of your Company. Therefore it's important you are correctly signed in, and have joined your Company on Benojo. Here's what you need to know:

  • If your Company has preloaded employees, they will advise you to sign in using your company email address, and a default password. You can change the password on first sign in, but it's important to use these details to access Benojo.
  • If you are signing yourself up however, you'll still need to use your Company email address (so don't use the Sign in with Facebook option). Sign up, and make sure you click the email verification link sent to your inbox, which confirms you work for that Company. You'll then be recognised as belonging to your Company and when you return to Benojo, you'll be asked if you'd like to join your Company, which you should confirm.

How does Matching work?

So you've joined your Company on Benojo, and you're all signed in. The rest is easy! 

If you know the campaign you want to donate to - perhaps it's a workmate's fundraiser, or a Company campaign you've received a link to - it's as easy as checking a box to match your donation:

  • Once you've chosen where you want to donate, simply click the big red Donate button and enter how much you'd like to donate.
  • You will then see the Matched donation check box. Check it if you'd like the Company to match your donation. You'll see your personal Matched Amount Remaining displayed, showing how much more your Company will match this financial year.
  • Then simply complete your payment details, choose how you'd like your donation displayed, leave a message if you wish, and finally click're all set...your Company will take care of the rest.

If you're not sure where to give, good places to start are:

  • Your Benojo homepage - choose a donation campaign that matters to you from the Give with your company (Company campaigns), Give with your workmates (your colleagues' own fundraisers), Give to your causes, Explore areas you care about (matched by preferences chosen in your Settings-Profile menu option), check out What's hot, and What's new
  • If you want to see more, click Browse by area at the bottom of the homepage or via your menu, and click into area/s you care can toggle between Campaigns and Causes, and also by giving type i.e. just Donations. 
  • You can also simply use the Search box and search by keywords.

Cause you want to give to not currently on Benojo? Just complete the Suggest a cause form via the dropdown menu; we will notify you when that Cause joins so you can then make your donation.


Didn't get asked if you'd like your donation matched?

  • Did you log in with an email other than your work email address?
  • Did you forget to click the verification link sent to your inbox (unless you were preloaded by your Company)?
  • Did you sign in with Facebook?
  • Did you not sign in at all?
  • Did you register on the donation page for the first time?
  • Is the charity non-DGR status (not tax deducible) and your Company is only matching DGR charity donations?

If you answered 'Yes' or 'Maybe, I don't know' to any of these, no dramas - here's how to join your Company after the fact, and then request donation matching.

Joining the Company after making a contribution

  • If you used your work email address and simply didn't click the verification link sent to your email (unless you were preloaded), check if you have the link (it may be in your junk mail folder) and if not, you can request it be sent again from the yellow bar at the top of your Benojo page when logged in. Then just click the email link and you'll be verified. Return to the Benojo site and refresh the page, and you'll be asked if you'd like to join your Company.
  • If you signed up using a non-work email, or Facebook, just select Associate to Company from the Company tab found via your Settings menu option, and select your Company - or Company division - to join from the list. This sends an email to your Company Benojo admin, who will authorise you to join. 

Requesting Matching after making a non-matched contribution 

  • Once you've joined your Company, you can email your Benojo admin your matching request using the Offline Donation Matching process detailed below. Not sure of your admin? Head to your Company Profile page on Benojo and click the Contact button. Your matching amount will then be deducted from your personal and Company annual limits.

2. Payroll Giving Donation Matching

Once your company has enabled Payroll giving, setting up for own pledge and asking your Company to match it is simple:

  • From your personal dropdown menu, select Settings and then the Payroll giving tab
  • Read the Company information regarding your Payroll giving program, check the Enable Payroll giving box, ensure your Employee number is present, and then select the charity/s you want to donate to from the dropdown box (or enter the first few letters of their name)
  • Input how much you want to pledge MONTHLY and then check the Match donation box to have your Company match it
  • If you have more pledges to add, follow this process, and when done, click can now 'set and forget' and your payroll team will take care of the rest.

3. Offline Donation Matching

Offline donation allows you to manually apply to your Company admin to match your donation. Maybe you donated offline or using another fundraising platform, weren't signed up to your Company on Benojo when you donated so weren't offered matching, or your Company hadn't yet activated matching capabilities.

So how do you apply to have your donation matched, so as it is deducted from both your individual and overall company limits, counts towards your personal and company giving metrics, and is all managed in one place? Here's how.

  • Once logged in, click on the Request donation match on your Company profile or navigate to the Record my contribution page via your My giving dropdown menu
  • Complete the required fields and upload the corresponding receipt. Image files in jpeg, tiff and png format are accepted up to 5Mb.
  • Check the box confirming you'd like your company to match the donation, noting what will be matched, and what matching funds will be remaining for you, and click Save.
  • You can view the contribution in the Contributions area from the My giving menu

  • Your Contributions page Donation matching tab now shows the request as Pending, and the request is sent through to your Benojo Company Admin. Note that if the match request exceeds your remaining available matching funds, your Admin has the option to approve the match just for your remaining funds.

  • Once Accepted or Rejected, you will receive an email confirming what action has been taken:

  • Your Contributions page Donation matching tab now shows the request as Accepted or Rejected, along with how much has been matched this FY to date, and how much remains available. Funds will be paid directly to the charity by your Company using EFT bank transfer, inline with their matching payment intervals, i.e. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.