Employee Overview

This page is your all-in-one-place brief overview of all the features available to you via the Benojo platform, both for you personally, and also as an employee of your Company. For more details on each feature, click through through to the dedicated pages linked below, or from the sidebar under Employee Toolkit.

First time to Benojo? 

Getting Started (for pre-loaded users)

If we preloaded you, follow these instructions:

  • Head to http://hub.benojo.com, select Sign In and enter your company email address and default password benojo123 (N.B. don’t use ‘Sign in with Facebook’)
  • Agree to the Terms of service, and then you’ll be prompted to create a new password.

Getting Started (for Single Sign-On (SSO) users)

If your Company uses SSO, you'll have a bespoke URL to  access Benojo. Check with your Company administrator if you're unsure what this is...it usually takes the format https://companyname.benojo.com

  • Click the Log in / Sign up button 
  • Log in using your SSO email address and password
  • Agree to the Terms of service, and you're all set

Getting Started (for organic sign-up)

If you're signing yourself up, follow these instructions:

  • Head to http://hub.benojo.com, select Sign Up and register using your company email address (N.B. don’t take the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option). By using your Company email address, you will automatically be added to your company on Benojo. Make sure you click the verification link sent to your inbox to give you access to all features.

  • Didn’t use your company email? You can still associate to your Company from the Settings menu option, via the Company tab...look-up and request to join your Company and once approved by your admin, you'll be ready to go.


Personal features

  • When you log into Benojo for the first time, you’ll be directed to set your Intentions for the year ahead: this quick 2-screen Q&A allows you to set some initial giving goals for your year ahead. You can change these easily at any time by clicking the cog next to your Your [Year] Goals display on your home page.
  • Your personalised dropdown menu gives you access to all your giving options. Select Settings to complete your personal details. Completing this will also affect the options and campaigns you see on your home page so resist the urge to skip this step!
  • Your profile complete and ready to do some good? Access the Benojo home page from any page via clicking the My giving menu and clicking on Campaigns for you or via the More campaigns for you button on your company profile. Here you can view panels grouping your Company-supported campaigns, personal campaigns from your Workmates, campaigns from the Causes you’ve connected to in your profile, campaigns that match your Areas of Interest selected, What’s Hot for recently-contributed to campaigns, and newly-launched What’s New campaigns. Click ‘Browse by Interest Area’ down the bottom to see all Campaigns and Causes available for the things you care about most, or use the search bar to find something specific.
  • Looking to set up your own fundraising campaign? Click Fundraise on the top of the page and follow the prompts.
  • Want to record other donation, volunteering or fundraising contributions you’ve made to keep all your giving together - use the My giving > Record my contribution feature?  Contributions allows you to see everything in one place for tax time…you can also download tax reports from your profile page to make tax time easy.
  • Cause you want to support not on Benojo yet? Suggest a cause and we’ll invite them to come onboard…it’s always free for Causes to use Benojo.

Company admin features

  • The Employees subsection of your menu provides all your Company-related options. Check out Company Profile to see your Company’s page, giving dashboard and current - and past - Company-supported opportunities to get involved in, or click on your home page company logo.
  • If your Company is running a Payroll Giving program, you can set up pre-tax pledges to your eligible charity of choice via the Settings menu, from the Payroll giving tab. Check the box to Enable payroll giving, add the cause/s you want to give to and pledge your donation amount. Your payroll team will take care of the rest.
  • Want to see the dollars, hours and impact you’re all collectively contributing to? Check out your Activity Report (if your Company has chosen to share it). Select a date range and see all the good you’ve all achieved together.
  • Want to socially share your profile, that of a Cause you support, or a campaign you’re contributing to? Hit the share icons and share away!

Got questions, or not sure how to do something? Check out the Employee guide off your Benojo dropdown menu, or contact your Companys' Benojo administrator.