Activity Report for Employees

Your company has the option of sharing their Impact Report with employees. If your Company has chosen to do this, you will see an option in your dropdown menu called Activity Report. Data freak? Boy, you're going to love this!

The Activity Report is where everything comes together on the Benojo platform - this is where you can see how much has been contributed by your company and the people in it. How many hours have been volunteered? How many people have done the volunteering? How much has the Company, employees, and extended networks contributed, and to what, for which causes? All the answers can be found on your Activity Report. You can view, print or save this data as a PDF.

Report Filters

First things first - you need to set the date period you want to view data for.

Set those dates and hit your Activity Report comes to life. Assuming you’ve had some activity on Benojo, you will now see data populating your screen.

Explanation of data

There’s lots of data available here - let’s walk through what each field relates to.

Company contributions: This is total dollars donated by the Company itself, plus Company employees, broken down into those two figures also. Note these figures do not include anyone who donates who is not associated to your company at the time of donating.

Volunteer Hours: Pretty straightforward - this is the total number of hours employees associated to the company have spent volunteering through Company campaigns.  Similarly Volunteer Spots is the number of occurrences of volunteering. Note these figures do not include anyone who volunteers who is not associated to your company at the time of volunteering. Also note when setting your date parameters, volunteering data is based on the date when the actual volunteering activity took place (not the date someone committed to do it)

Campaigns contributed towards: This starred figure relates to the total number of campaigns hosted both by the company and by employees. This is then broken down into monies raised by Company Campaigns and Employee Campaigns. So if the Company created or Adopted a Campaign, donations to such campaigns are reflected in the Company Campaigns total. Likewise if an employee associated to the company creates a campaign, any donations to those campaigns are reflected in the Employee Campaigns total. These figures include donations by those associated to the company, as well as those not, known as ‘network contributions’.

Active Employees: This figure relates to the number of your company employees who, for the date range selected, have contributed something via the platform, be it time, money, skills or buying a ticket. 

Network contributions: This is where donations from individuals not associated to your company are reported. Funds raised from Company campaigns and from Employee Campaigns are separated out, with the main figure a sum of both totals.

Tickets purchased: This indicates total number of tickets purchased by employees associated to the company. Selling tickets - where goods or services are received in exchange for a donation - incurs different tax implications than straightforward donations where nothing is received in return and this is why ticketing appears separate to donations on your impact report. The value of those tickets sold is also shown. Again, these figures do not include anyone who buys a ticket who is not associated to your company at the time of purchase.

Cause and Impact Summary Filters

You can also select to view your data broken down by Campaigns, Cause, Impact or SDG from the Report Filters box. 

Just check the applicable box/es and hit Apply

You can then scroll down and see contributions broken down by those areas, showing amounts donated and volunteered by employees and the Company. Note these totals do not include network contributions, only those made by the company and associated employees...because it’s your company’s impact.

The Impact summary shows you outcomes as told by the Cause saying what was achieved from the Campaign. After all, it's impact that really matters...what, who and how did we all help achieve, change or create?

Because sometimes, words are more powerful than numbers.